Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Little Billy and nerves

A woman is spring cleaning her house and, while she is standing on a chair getting the cobwebs down, little Billy can see right up her skirt.
“What’s that, Mum, that hairy thing up there?” says little Billy whilst pointing at her fanny.

Realising she did not put her knickers on, his Mum said, “Oh, it’s my nerve.”

Just then the doorbell rang and little Billy answered it. Standing there was a bloke in a suit who says, “Hello, we make brushes, anything from sweeping brushes to toilet brushes. This is a new brush to clean the inside of a teapot, it’s only a tenner. Can you ask your Mother if she would like to buy it, please?”

So little Billy tells his Mum and shows her the brush and she says, “A tenner for that, the thieving bastard! No, tell him I don’t want it.”

So Billy goes back to the bloke and says, “Mum doesn’t want it, you’re a thieving bastard.”

The bloke says, “You what?”

Billy says again, “Mum doesn't want it and you’re a thieving bastard.”

So the bloke says, “Well, you tell your Mum she’s got a fucking nerve.”

And little Billy replies, “Yes, and it’s got a lot more hairs on it than your fucking brush.”

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