Friday, 4 November 2011

Dai and Evan

Two Welsh blokes go out for a drink in London. They are quite drunk and end up in the Soho district.

It’s not too long before they lose each other in Soho. Dai then goes in search of his mate Evan.

He comes across a man crossing the road and asks, “Have you seen my mate Evan?” The gentleman replies, “Sorry I haven’t.”

He staggers along the road a little bit more and meets a charming couple. He asks them, “Have you seen Evan?” They in turn reply, “I’m sorry we haven’t”.

Dai then walks along the road in Soho and comes across a young lady stood in a shop doorway; with a skirt so short you can see what she has had for breakfast!

Dai asked her, “Do you know where Evan is?”

She replied in a husky voice, “Come with me and I’ll show you ‘eaven!”

Dai said, “Brilliant... I’ve been looking for him for ages.”

Dai followed her up the stairs until they reached the top, when she turned to him and said, “Heaven’s in here”.

Dai then said, “How did he end up here?”

The young lady then proceeded to take all of her clothes off, lay on the bed; open her legs as wide as she possibly could, pointed between her legs and said, “There you go... there’s heaven!”

Dai took one hard long stare and said, “Nooo, Evan’s a bigger cunt than that!”

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