Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Sven was recounting his war experiences on the local radio station.

“So, dere I vas, flyin’ over France, mindin’ my own business. Suddenly, one o’ dem Jerman Fokkers dives at me out of the sun, guns blazing. Well, I engaged him in an aerial battle, got behind him and shot that Fokker down.”

The radio announcer broke in and said, “For those of you in our audience who are unfamiliar with warplanes, the Germans in World War One flew a plane known as the ‘Fokker’. The Red Baron is probably the best known flying ace who flew one... Back to you, Sven.”

“Ya, Ya”, said Sven. “Dat’s right. But dis vas World War Two and dem Jerman Fokkers vas driving Messerschmitts.”

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