Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Two lawyers had been stranded on a desert island for several months. The only thing on the island was a tall coconut tree that provided their only food.

Each day one of the lawyers would climb to the top to see if he could spot a rescue boat coming...

One day the lawyer yelled down from the tree, “WOW, I just can’t believe my eyes. There is a woman out there floating in our direction.”

The lawyer on the ground was most sceptical and said, “You’re hallucinating, you’ve finally lost your mind.”

But within a few minutes, up to the beach floated a stunningly beautiful woman, face up, totally naked, unconscious, without even so much as a ring or earrings on her person.

The two lawyers went down to the water, dragged her up on the beach and discovered; she was alive, warm and breathing.

One said to the other, “You know, we’ve been on this Godforsaken island for months now without a woman. It’s been such a long time. Do you think we should... well... you know... Screw her?”

“Out of WHAT??” asked the other lawyer.

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